Laptop Repair and Maintenance

Fixing the Laptop Which is Not Starting

There are two kinds of problems possible; either your laptop is not starting at all or perhaps it is not properly booting. In both the cases, you can try basic laptop repair tips at home. However, if basic troubleshooting does not work, you may either need laptop battery repair, laptop charger repair, or it could also be something related to the memory or motherboard. If the problem is with the memory or motherboard then you may need to take the laptop to the service centre at Vasundhra, Indirapuram, in Ghaziabad.

Basic Inspection

If the laptop is not starting at all, then the first thing you need to check is the adapter, more popularly called laptop charger. You will need to test the voltage output of the adapter and for that you will require a voltmeter. If you don’t have the voltmeter then the other way to check it is by plugging into another laptop which uses the same adapter. If you don’t even have another laptop then taking the adapter to the service centre would be more appropriate. It is quite possible that the adapter has been damaged and the laptop battery is fully discharged.

On the other hand, if you are certain that the adapter is working fine and the output voltage is there, then the chances are that there is some issue with the power supply to the motherboard or the motherboard itself has been damaged. In any case, again, taking the laptop to the service centre would be the best solution. If there is a need to replace the charger or the AC adapter, it is highly recommended that you buy original one which is compatible to the laptop. For the laptop and the battery to function normally, it is extremely important that the output voltage be as per the specs. Most of the cheap adapters claim to be good but they can cause more damages to your computer. Adapter is one of the most important laptop accessories.

Further Inspection and Troubleshooting

The other scenario is that after plugging in the adapter, the LED power indicator is turning on but there is nothing on the screen. This means that there is nothing wrong with the adapter. If this is the case, turn the power-on button of the laptop and wait for about 1-2 minutes. The chances are screen is damaged but the laptop is still booting; therefore, the operating system will get started. Now check if the other lights are turning on or not. For instance, you can press the CAPS LOCK key and see if the light corresponding to it is turning on or not. If it is, then screen damage could be an issue. You will need to turn your laptop in for laptop screen repair.

If the LEDs are turning on, the screen is showing no signs of damage then the problem could be with the memory or motherboard. You will need to take the laptop to the repair center for broken laptop repair. In this case remote laptop repair is not possible as new laptop spare parts may be needed.