Laptop repair service in Indirapuram

We are one of the leading computers, laptop repair and maintenance service in Indirapuram. We offer full service and support for thousands of computer, software and networks products. We can resolve software problems, remove viruses or spyware. We supply and install new hardware components – either repairs or upgrades of computers and networks including branded systems like IBM, Dell, HP-Compaq, Apple, Canon and much more.
We can help you choose your new system, whether you need new computer system or need to upgrade your existing system or need to repair, we do it all.

Our valued customers range from home computer users to large business clients, every one of our customers receives the high standard and friendly customer care. Our clients choose us because of quality of service and qualified engineers. We offer our clients a professional, reliable service and support. We provide affordable laptop repair built on years of perfecting diagnostic and repair techniques. We specialize in repairing Laptops at component level, which means that the repair cost is greatly reduced as we are not replacing the whole motherboard. This also makes the Laptop very economical to repair.

Unique Services
• Laptop power connector (Pin) repairs in Indirapuram
• Laptop touchpad & track point repairs in Indirapuram
• Laptop CD/DVD repairs in Indirapuram
• Laptop LCD backlight repair in Indirapuram
• Laptop CD/DVD replacement inIndirapuram
• Laptop data transfer in Indirapuram
• Laptop Motherboard repairs in Indirapuram
• Laptop CPU replacement in Indirapuram
• Laptop keyboard repairs in Indirapuram
• Laptop screen replacement in Indirapuram
• Laptop Inverter repair in Indirapuram
• Laptop fan replacement in Indirapuram
• Laptop fan repairs in Indirapuram
• Laptop data retrieval in Indirapuram
• Laptop component-level repairs in Indirapuram
• Laptop keyboard replacement in Indirapuram
We offer FREE quotation and diagnostic report. We are careful with your data, it will remain confidential. Usually there will be no data loss but this does depend on the faults.

Wireless and cable networking, ADSL (broadband) internet connections for home and offices are our strength and we have qualified team to do the job. We also help you to install, configure and make secure your Wireless Network.Our Network engineers are experienced in the design, installation and configuration of new and existing networks and troubleshooting in wide variety of network based problems. Our experienced engineers have the background to service most obsolete or discontinued model of equipments as well.

Our data recovery service restores important files e.g. MSWord, Excel, Access Files, Images, Zip Files and other programs from the hard drives that have suffered due to:-
Virus Attack
Hard Drive Crash
Software Corruption
Equipment Malfunction
Accidental Deletion
Accidental Formatting
Using special data recovery techniques, methods, and tools we offer fast, affordable data recovery services to small businesses and home based computer users that have lost their important files.