How to Prevent Frequent Computer Crashes

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If your computer is crashing regularly, then it is bound to affect your productivity as well. Sometimes, the computer crash is accompanied by a ‘blue screen’ with some gibberish text on it. This blue screen is also sometimes referred to as ‘blue dump error.’ There are times when the computer will just shut itself off without giving any pre-warning. Irrespective of the type of the crash, you end up getting frustrated and there is loss of work. If you are experiencing frequent crashes then you will definitely want to stop it. This is why it is important to get to get to the bottom of the problem and to find the root cause. But it may not always be easy for a layperson. Best computer engineer can solve these issues and Repair your computer with ease. Here are some causes and remedies that will help boost the performance of your computer immensely and also stop regular crashes.

System Registry Files are Corrupt

If you have a PC running on any of the Windows operating systems then you will also have the Registry. The Window’s registry consists of a number of files that are responsible for the smooth operation of the computer. Over time, the files related to the registry may get corrupted and even deleted by accident. In this case, the system registry does not perform optimally and you may experience several glitches including frequent crashing. To fix this issue, you can use the cleaning program for Windows registry. This software will scan the operating system for any possible problems with the registry and also repair computer. However, if the problem persists even after fixing the registry issues then there must be something else that needs to be looked at and resolved.

 Files are not Organized Properly

The file organization system of the Windows operating system is not particularly intuitive. The files are broken up into smaller pieces and placed in the gaps on the hard drive sectors. Over a period of time, these unorganized files may start posing computer problems including the crashes you are experiencing. Fortunately, there is a tool available for free with the Windows operating systems and it is indeed quite effective. It is called Disk Defragmenter. As the name of the tool indicates, the files on the computer hard drive are fragmented or scattered and they need to be organized for optimal usage. By running the disk defragmenter only once in a couple of months would be enough to enhance your computer performance and reduce crashes.

A Virus or Malicious Software is in Your Computer

Your computer gets impacted by the malicious programs and viruses in many different ways. For instance, you may have downloaded a few songs to the pen drive from your friend’s computer, which according to you are seemingly innocuous. However, your friend’s computer may have been affected by a virus which could have found a way into your pen drive and from there into your computer. You may also infect your computer by opening the links or attachments in the emails from the suspicious senders. Sometimes, these harmful programs get transferred through internet. No matter where you got it from, a malicious program can affect your computer in many ways. It may steal your personal data or jeopardize the normal functioning of your computer. It is best that you install an anti-virus on your computer and scan it regularly. This will sidestep many computer hassles for you.

Not Enough Storage

When the computer is new, it seems that the hard drive storage space is ‘virtually’ endless. However, as the time passes the hard drive starts getting filled at such a rapid speed that we don’t even realized when it is up to the brim. To find how much storage is left on the hard disk, you can simply go to ‘My Computer’. If you feel that you are running low on storage space, you may need to delete some of the files that you don’t use. You can also install a computer cleanup program which locates and removes all the unwanted files such as temporary internet files. If the files are too important to be deleted then you may want to switch to a larger hard disk.


If you have tried everything and nothing seems to be working then there may be a hardware issue. For instance, if the computer is overheating followed by slow performance, it could be owing to the faulty processor fan. After a period of time the fan stops working properly or is not able to catch up with the work load. In this case, you can get the fan replaced. Computer fans are cheap and may resolve your crashing problems.

Do not ignore the crashing issue

A number of factors could be responsible for the frequent crashing of your computer. While some of the symptoms are easy to diagnose and remedy, some may require professional care. If you are experiencing regular computer crashes, try the above basic troubleshooting. More often than not it will work for you. Also, when you buy a new computer, make sure that you keep it regularly maintained and services/Repairing by a professional.

You can always consult your computer seller if it is still covered under warranty. However, if you need any consultation or help beyond warranty, feel free to get in touch with Kay Eye Marketing at 9212384123. We will be more than willing to provide consultation and remedy. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced technicians which can take care of all your computer issues effectively and provide proper computer repairing solutions.