Troubleshooting Various Problems of Laptop

Hardware or software issues with laptop are quite common and very regular. Any user facing such issues must follow certain basic steps at home before going for a professional repair. Restarting the laptop, saving all the files, running the security checks of the computer, checking duplicate programs and removing all recently installed programs are some the pre-requisite steps to be done before going for actual repair.

Laptop black screen problem or laptop screen repair are well executed by computer repair and maintenance companies. These companies has technically skilled workforce who are proficient in dealing with laptops whose display is not working, which is unable to get started, booted etc. Various such units in Delhi NCR region are renowned in repairing no display laptops especially in Indirapuram, Vaishali, Vasundhara and Kaushambhi. These small to medium repair units specialise in no screen display laptops, laptops with video problems and repairing motherboards of laptops.

Generically speaking the common problems with no display laptops are linked to:

  • Font and Icon size
  • Blank screen or laptop video
  • Fuzzy, blurry or colour
  • Brightness, contrast and shadow
  • Pixel clarity and size

If any user have been unsuccessful to get the screen display up and running on the laptop screen, even when it is plugged on and the CPU fan is operating then it is sensible to detach the RAM from the space, clean it and keep it back accurately or check alternative slot. The user should check the functionabilities of the RAM too. Even ineffective and non-operating RAM lead to display issues. If any user has a couple of RAMs then it is advisable to remove one, keep only one RAM and look at the display. If still unsuccessful, it is good to alter the slot. If someone still fails to procure the display back in place then user can try the same functions with the other RAM. If the same display issue continues, then one should attempt to link an outer monitor to the laptop with the VGA connector.

Laptop motherboard issues are also familiar and the symptoms for such problems are slow speed of laptop, dead laptop, overheated laptop, abrupt freezing and shutting down, discoloration of screen, duplicate images, no LED light when switched on, damage or loosening of DC power jack, slow battery charging and sudden and continuous rebooting of laptops.The most familiarissuewith the laptop motherboard are:

  • Laptop turns on with distorted video on the internal screen and outward monitor.
  • There is absolutely no video on the screen or external monitor, even if the laptop is on.

This issue is due to the corrupt graphics chip which is linked to the motherboard. Apparently, there are not up to the mark fuses between the graphic chip and laptop motherboard. In such cases, gradually, the chip separates from the motherboard generating all kinds of laptop video and motherboard problems. The one and only way out is to reinstate connection the motherboard and graphic chip by reflowing the BGA. Reflowing is highly technical and requires professional support. Just call us at 9212384123. We provide same day service at your doorstep if you are located in Vasundhara, Ghaziabad.