Important Tips about Internet Safety

Important Tips about Internet Safety You would like to Share with Your Family

Internet is one of the most amazing things that have happened in the last few decades. However, every good thing is accompanied by something bad too. There are several risks related to the internet access. Here are some tips to mitigate the risks and use the internet safely.

Keep Personal information always private: – First of all, while surfing the net, remain as anonymous as you possibly can and make sure that you keep all the private and personal information always private. It would be a good idea to apprise your kids about the several risks associated with the internet usage and what measures they can take for safety.

Promote an environment where kids are encouraged to come to you whenever they have any concerns related to internet. They should be able to trust you with their questions. Internet is definitely not bad, but there are bad people who are abusing it every day.

Teach Safe and Secure Tips to your Kids: – Make sure that you teach your kid not to share any personal information about the family or themselves over the internet. They should learn that it is not just their safety but the safety of the entire family could be at risk. They must also learn that personal details including phone numbers, address, or name of school should never be shared online, especially with the strangers.

Always read the Terms before using any program: – Before signing up or using any website or before downloading any program from a website, always read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy completely. Some websites clearly state that your personal information will be shared for internal or external use. If you don’t like what they say, do not provide any details to them.

Always check your privacy settings on the social media sites. Sometimes the social media sites update the privacy settings and your information may become accessible to the public without you even knowing about it.

Do not forget that what you post on the websites may remain there permanently. Even if you have deleted your post or entry, it may still be available on the server of the website. In fact, some of the biggest social media sites keep the deleted information on their server forever. The information may include your posts, your location, photos and more. Therefore, before participating on the social media sites, always remain cautious.

Advice your family never to send the photos or texts to any strangers they have come across with on the internet. Especially the photos can be inappropriately used by the other person.

Advice your dear nears never to send their Photos, personal ID information to any strangers on Internet.