Is it recommended to buy a used laptop or computer?

Yes why not if you can get a used computer or used laptop which fulfills your requirement and that too with a warranty of 30 days. Remember, second laptop being sold for a reason and major reason in the case of used laptops or computers is that the old owner just wanted an upgrade. All of our used computer or laptops are thoroughly tested and carries warranty, giving our customers best quality items at very reasonable cost. These seconds laptop are backed up by our service model and our engineers are just one call away to service them . Additionally you can save some money , and which of us can say that isn’t important these days?

Can I buy a used laptop or computer online like from olex or quikr ?

Be aware of the risk of buying from an individual vs. a retailer like us. We offer you a warranty on the used computer or laptop.There are plenty of bargains to be had on olex, quikr and even from your friends looking to offload their old laptops, but just make sure you’re not throwing your money away. Our goal is to provide durable refurbished laptops and used computers at cheapest price without compromising on the quality. This is really something which we are proud of and that you could actually never find in several other Old Desktops, laptops Dealer in Delhi NCR. We provide value for your hard earned money.

What happens post 30 days warranty period ?

Every used laptops and used computers are covered with 30 days warranty which includes any hardware failure. Any physical damage and burnt out part is not be covered under this. We offer Annual Maintenance contract to cover post warranty period. You can purchase any one plan to get the laptop serviced if your second laptop or computer start running slow or you believe it is infected with virus. So its not just like We SELL, WE DO PROVIDE AFTER SALE SERVICE on used laptops or computers.

I am not sure which old laptop or computer is good for me ?

Basically it depends upon the activities for which you want to use your used laptop or computer. If you want to have a basic use like email, web surfing, office softwares, maintain accounts then 2GB RAM with 1 GHz Processor speed is sufficiemt. For intermidate use like all the basic stuff plus downloading , basic creative softwares, simple games then go for a used laptop or computer with 4 GB RAM and 2GHz processor. If you are an advanced user i.e. in addition to the above stuff you require editing softwares or indulge yourself in high end games then we would recommend you to go with 8 GB RAM with 4 GHz processor speed.

We understand that every customer desire different features in their laptop computer and so we stock various configurations, so you can select the system which is best suited for you. Is there a specific brand you’re interested in? If so,call us we will source it for you.

Is it safe to buy a used laptop or computer?

Yes it is very much safe to buy it. Its a myth that if you buy a used laptop , you might get inferior or zero support. The laptops and computers sold by us comes with our 30 days standard equipment warranty and bill. This also makes us the most preferred used laptops dealer for used computer monitors, notebooks and used desktops in Delhi NCR.

What measures should be taken when purchasing a used laptop or computer?

First and foremost, look to see the warranty is being offered or not.If there’s no warranty, don’t buy the computer. You should be careful you know what the warranty specifies. Most used laptop and computer dealers provide testing warranty only. All the laptops and notebooks are carefully examined and carry a 30 day warranty. Your satisfaction is guaranteed if you purchase a used monitor, used laptop or used computer from us.

Always insist on seeing the used laptop you are purchasing in person, check maximum you can. You should look at the screen carefully. There should not be any vertical lines on the screen as it is one of the most expensive part of laptop. Also check the keyboard, the USB ports, the CD/DVD drive, the audio output and input, the network port and the battery.

I could find old desktops at cheap prices should I buy it ?

Desktops which are available from prices as low as Rs.1,990/- and are very low priced have low configurations like 128mb RAM, 4GB HDD, CD drive, Kbd, Mouse . These types of hardware are not compatible even with basic softwares for basic use. Same in the case of used laptops which are availble from price as low as Rs.4000/- onwards. You would not like to put such low configuration seconds laptops or computers as a show piece on your table. We recommend you to go with atleat 2GB RAM and 160 GB HDD so that you are able to install and run current basic softwares avilable. To buy used laptops with good configuration in Delhi NCR call us at 9212384123 or email us at

Old laptops have lesser configuration as compared to new laptops. will it be slow to work on used laptops ?

No one can deny that new laptops have latest configurations with more computing speed , more number of cores in the processor, additional graphic card, more RAM, etc. Here customers have to understand the difference between having the latest configuration and using all the computing power. How many of us really use a computer to an extent where all its power is consumed ? Many of us use laptops and desktops for just checking mail, creating documents , maintaining accounts and web browsing. Used laptops with not very high configuration can easily do these tasks. Thus, it is not important to have high configuration in laptops and one should look at having laptops that match their work requirements. This way, used laptops can provide the required computing power (much more in many cases) at very reasonable price.

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